Rank Advancement

(Scout to Life)

After the scout has completed his requirements (except for the scout spirit and duty to God requirements):

These meeting requests should be done by the scout not the parent (parent can help facilitate the communication but not content)

Guide for requirements sign off here

  • Note: for ranks Star and above, only the scoutmaster will sign off requirements. These will be reviewed and signed off at the skills review meeting, just prior to the skills review.

Scout schedules a skills review with Scoutmaster

    • Scout wears FULL Class A (including pants, belt, socks)
    • Scoutmaster reviews Scoutbook- checking requirements and completing scout spirit/duty to God requirements
    • Scoutmaster reviews Application for Advancement (AFA) form (Please print 2-sided- a Scout is conservation minded)
    • Scout completes Skills Review with Scoutmaster

After skill review, scout schedules a Scoutmaster conference

    • Scout wears FULL Class A (including pants, belt, socks, shirt, neckerchief)
    • Scout brings Scoutbook, filled out AFA form

After Scoutmaster conference, scout requests a Board of Review (BOR)- Link Here


    • Scout
      • Wears FULL Class A ((including pants, belt, socks, shirt, neckerchief)
      • Brings Scout handbook, AFA form
      • Recites Scout Oath, Law, and Outdoor Code to BOR (with good posture and strong voice)
      • Will discuss with BOR a variety of topics (many from AFA form)
    • BOR members
      • Will review Scout's handbook, AFA form
      • Will discuss with Scout a variety of topics (many from AFA form)
      • Will complete recommendations section on AFA form
      • If successful, BOR chairperson will sign Scout handbook
      • If successful, ALL BOR members will sign AFA form
    • AFA form will be turned into Advancement Chair or designee
      • Completed and signed AFA forms will be scanned and emailed to: Advancement@troop754.org
      • After emailing form- the AFA form is kept by the Scout